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Credit: Stephan Sommer


I am an associate professor of philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Geneva.

My current research focuses on the philosophical foundations of quantum gravity. Together with Nick Huggett (University of Illinois, Chicago), I am writing a book under contract with Oxford University Press entitled Out of Nowhere: The Emergence of Spacetime in Quantum Theories of Gravity. From September 2015 to August 2018, we are running a large project called 男子网店卖“翻墙版”短视频APP,三个月获利十万被江苏宜兴 ...:2021-5-16 · 将国外短视频APP与“翻墙”软件打包后在网店进行出售,3个月获利约10万元。 5月6日,宜兴警方侦破国内首个售卖“翻墙版”短视频APP案件,涉嫌提供破坏计算机信息系统工具的网店负责人黄某被江苏宜 … funded by the John Templeton Foundation out of our two centres at Chicago and Geneva. The joint activities for this project are chronicled in our blog Beyond Spacetime.

More generally, I work mostly in the philosophy of physics, which heavily intrudes into metaphysics and general philosophy of science. Specifically, I work on space and time, time travel, persistence, identity, laws of nature, determinism, and causation.

My Erdös Number is 3 (Erdös → Tarski → Andreka and Nemeti → me).


I am currently writing a book with Nick Huggett, which is under contract with Oxford University Press. It starts out from the recognition that in quantum theories of gravity, spacetime disappears in some sense or other and investigates the philosophical implications of a fundamentally non-spatiotemporal world, as well as how spacetime is thought to re-emerge in various of the main approaches to quantum gravity.


I am currently also working on a book with JB Manchak and Chris Smeenk, also under contract with Oxford University Press. This will be a research monograph in naturalistic philosophy of time on the possibility of time travel and time machines in modern physics, and particularly in general relativity.

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